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What We Are

We are professionally managed company manufacturing biomass briquettes which are also known as bio-coal or white-coal. We have 10+ years of experience in manufacturing and installing briquetting machines in India and in 10 different countries. At Maruti Industries, we have technically advanced and the best plant and machinery with factories having large areas and technically competent staff for production of biomass briquettes. All of our marketing and production team is well experienced and capable for smooth running of business to offer our clients the best product and services.


We have manufacturing facilities at different locations in Saurashtra region of Gujarat state with total production capacity of 3000 Ton per month.We have carefully chosen locations of our manufacturing plants according to raw-material availability to the nearest point of source to minimize the transportation costs on raw-material supply, which is our primary strength. We have good advantages of locations like, availability of raw-material ‘groundnut shells’in abundant with most competitive cost. Groundnut-shells are considered the best material for fuel briquettes


We maintain constant integritywith our clients and follow ethical business practices because we believe in building goodwill from long term relationship with the clients. Weare capable of supplying client’s large-scale requirements of briquettes with constant and regular deliveries.