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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

    • Easy to burn - lower ignition temperature compared to coal.
    • Smokeless burning and sustained combustion and the temperature requirement are achieved due to very efficient combustion.
    • Leaves only white ash without any fixed carbon.
    • Full heat value is utilized.
    • Easy to handle and 1000 kgs of briquettes per cubic meter can be stored and transported against 50 kgs of agro-waste.
    • No pollution to the environment and no toxic gas and sulphur emission and even no odour.
    • No binder is used.
    • The natural polymer lignin acts as a binder and provides mechanical support and also provides resistance to decay and repels water.
    • Very well suited to gasifier which can run any engine because of the combustion efficiency and solid form.
    • In gasifiers the briquettes can be used and the partially pyrolysed briquettes can be again used as a substitute for high value added charcoal for domestic and industrial use leaving the fuel wood unutilized and thus avoiding deforestation.
    • A typical usage of briquettes made out of paper mill sludge mixed with iron sludge power is made in big furnaces to keep the temperature alive for easy start up.
    • Users of bio coal briquettes are eligible for carbon credits.

Social Benefits

    • Pollution free because of no sulfur or any hazardous material- No black smoke!!
    • The above Bio-Message is very clear. We need not spend more energy and money to grow more trees if we could avoid using them.
    • Thus, all ecological disaster arising from deforestation can be checked.
    • Saves the environment from pollution, all conventional fuel pollutes the atmosphere.
    • Avoids using conventional resources like coal which means that future generation will not be deprived of its utility.
    • Money spent on forestation programmes can be minimized or more land can be forestated.
    • Due to efficient utilization of agro-waste, agriculturists will receive some income from their agro-waste, will make their farming more remunerative and attractive and thereby their standard of living will be improved.

Industries which can use White Coal

    • Gasifier System Application
    • Chemical Industrie
    • Refractory Industries
    • Ceramic Industries
    • Milk Plant
    • Vegetable Plant
    • Spinning Mills
    • Rubber Industries
    • Solvent Extraction Plant
    • Cement Industries
    • Food Processing Industries
    • Textile Units
    • Lamination Industries
    • Brick Making Units
    • Wood Seasoning Plant
    • Any Industrial Thermal Application